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Monday, June 1, 2009

For malaysian Ares P2p User!

I just create a channel, Named 'Malaysia P2p' for Ares User. If you Ares user just click the link Malaysia P2p join Ares P2p user community...... Chatting, make friends and Sharing files!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intel, The Capitalist!!!!!! Shift to AMD!!!

Intel Guilty on it's rivalry, AMD.

THE VERDICT IS IN, and Intel has been found guilty as charged by the EU for abusing its dominant market position, with the chipmaker being fined a whopping €1.06 billion.

The EU said Chipzilla had violated EC Treaty antitrust rules under Article 82, abusing its dominant market position "by engaging in illegal anticompetitive practices to exclude competitors from the market for computer chips called x86 central processing units (CPUs)".

Neelie Kroes, EU Competition Commissioner

The EU Commission said it had found Intel guilty of two kinds of nefarious illegal practice, the first of which was giving "wholly or partially hidden rebates to computer manufacturers on condition that they bought all, or almost all, their x86 CPUs from Intel", whilst the second was Intel's direct pay-offs to OEMs to stop or delay the launches of products containing its competitors' chips.

The commission said it also found Intel guilty of making "direct payments to a major retailer on condition it stock only computers with Intel x86 CPUs," saying that these moves "effectively prevented customers - and ultimately consumers - from choosing alternative products."

"By undermining its competitors' ability to compete on the merits of their products, Intel's actions undermined competition and innovation" said a Commission press release.

Along with the €1.06 billion fine, Intel has been ordered to stop its antitrust behavior immediately and told the Commission will actively monitor its compliance. The fine is equivalent to $1.44 billion, a very hard whack to Intel's bottom line, considering the firm had $3.5 billion in cash on its balance sheet at the end of Q1.

Giuliano Meroni, AMD's EMEA president, told the INQ "The EU decision will shift the power from an abusive monopolist to computer makers, retailers and above all consumers".


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dell XPS 1530 Lappy!!!

This is my friend lappy, which he bring to my house. He want me to install windows in it, but when i switch on the lappy already with Vista Home, but in 1 partition. Then i created another partition in Vista. I just shrink the existing partition then i create the partition. This lappy very stylish beside with high end specification, which is Core 2 duo processor 2.5 ghz, Ram 4Gb, Graphic card Nvidia Geforce GT 8600.... For gamers and designers this is the lappy for them.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New second hand (recond) computer in stock!!!

Second hand computer komputer terpakai untuk di jual
Second hand computer komputer terpakai untuk di jual
Second hand computer komputer terpakai untuk di jualNew in stock!!! anyone who want to buy recond pc for personal use, office, or want to open cyber cafe just let me know! All this with Pentium 4(1.6,2.0,2.4ghz) processor, 256 ddram, hdd20gb/40gb, also with keyboard, mouse and CRT Monitor.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Kenapa Komputer/Pc terpakai/2nd hand??

Kenapa komputer terpakai? Kerana barangan terpakai tu masih boleh di pakai serta berkualiti tinggi. Kami di sini sangat menyokong komputer terpakai untuk di gunakan dan di jual, kerana untuk peniaga bumiputera ini satu peluang perniagaan yang baik kerana buat masa ini pasaran komputer terpakai masih lagi di kuasai golongan bumi. Bagi mereka yang selalu merungut dengan harga perkakasan komputer yang mahal dan harga yang tetap, komputer terpakai adalah alternatif yang baik untuk di niagakan. Kami di sini sangat menyokong kepada mana2 peniaga untuk berniaga barangan komputer terpakai seterusnya menguasai pasaran perniagaan ini di Malaysia, seperti mana mereka menguasai pasaran barangan komputer baru. Pasaran untuk komputer terpakai adalah pelajar sekolah menengah, sekolah rendah, kanak-kanak, kegunaan di rumah, pejabat-pejabat dan banyak lagi... Kerana processor Pentium4 masih relevan di pakai. Di pejabat- pejabat kerajaan sendiri masih lagi menggunakan pentium 4 serta sistem operasi Windows Xp walaupun Windows 7 serta processor Intel I7 adalah produk yang terkini....

Kami menjual Komputer|Pc Terpakai!!

Kami menjual Komputer|Pc terpakai dari jenama IBM, DELL, COMPAQ, DATAMINI imported.
Sila Lawati Http:// untuk maklumat lanjut.

yang bersemangat,
Bundle Pc

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sebakti Mineral water...bottle label design

mineral water label
Mineral water labelThis is my group project assignment... My task is, create the label for mineral water. This is last minute handcraft....The top image is the blueprint, then i create with my own design with the same concept..where the water drop from bamboo...

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